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We offer new and used mills. Roller bearings, drilled rolls
6 X 6 X 12” New roller bearing
6 x 6 x 12     used and rebuilt
16 x 16 x 42  Farrel, floor level base
22 x 22 x 60  Farrel, direct drive, untized floor level base  (two)
22 x 22 x 60 master gear/pinion drive floor level base (two) excellent condition
26 x 26 x 84 Farrel, direct drive, floor level base, excellent condition
26 x 26 x 84 master gear/pinion drive, floor level base, excellent condition

CALANDERS (rubber application)

12 X 12 X 24 Bolling three roll
16x 16 x 42  Farrel three roll
22 x 22 x 60 Farrel three roll
24 x 24 x 84 three roll
24 x 24 x 84 three roll
26 x 26 x 84 Four roll inverted “L”

EXTRUDERS  (rubber application)

As-is or rebuilt.           Drives to suit.         New SCR units
2 ½” Cold feed NRM  12:1 l/D
3 ½” Cold feed Davis-Standard, 16:1 L/D
4 ½” Berstorff  pin barrel Cold feed extruder, 12:1 L/D
4 ½” NRM hot feed,  4:1 L/D
4 ½” NRM Cold feed extruder, L/D 16:1
6” Farrel ROLLER DIE, 16” x 42” two roll calendar
8” Farrel Hot feed
10” Farrel strainer, quick clamp dual swing out head, feed box stuffer
12” Farrel hot feed
15” x 12” Farrel dump extruder


We offer any size NEW tire press.
The presses we offer are used in many major tire companies.

TIRE BUILDERS      TIRE PRESSES  used 40” – 75”       NEW up to 140”
Bead lines
Fabric calenders and fabric lines


Inventory:  please contact us for a complete list or updates!
List your equipment for free! 

We offer a full range of compression, vacuum, and injection presses.
We will provide new hydraulic units to order as well as NEW PLC controls.

New presses can be ordered in any size up to 96” x 96”, 4000 tons

We offer hydraulic systems to suit as well as automated handling systems and advanced PLC controls.
CUSTOM PLC automation of your press lines

Vacuum compression presses for rubber, composites, copper clad laminates, printed circuit boards. Material handling systems.


16 x 16 100 ton four post
18 x 18 100 ton
20 x 20  100 ton slab side
24 x 24 250 ton French  (six)
24 x 24 250 ton four post   (ten)
32 x 32 527 ton  French slab side 26” ram
40 x 40 450 ton slab side
42 x 42 1010 ton French slab side (two)
48 x 48  600 ton
54 x 60 1200 ton four post
New presses any size up to 96” x 140”, 4000 tons


Rep B54             330 ton   4000 cc  shot    31.5 x 24.8
Rep B63             330 ton   4000 cc  shot    31.5 x 24.8
Rep 56               250 ton   2000 cc  shot    19.68 x 24.8
Desma  966.22    275 ton   2000 cc  shot     side inject   26 x 30
Desma  966.22    275 ton   3200 cc  shot     top inject    26 x 30

MIXERS (internal type)

BR  Farel lab mixer
00C Farrel lab mixer
3A Farrel mixer, semi-unidrive (three)
3D Farrel mixer uni-drive 
9D Farrel mixer, semi-uni-drive
11D Farrel UNI-DRIVE mixer, 500/250 HP AC two speed motor still installed
F270 mixers, 2000 HP DC drives. complete mixing lines (two)


VMI fixed bar with dip tank, festoon and wig-wagAkron –Standard fixed bar with dip tank, festoon and wig-wag.


Goodman sheet stock cutter excellent condition
Bale cutter 32” wide excellent conditionContact us with your inquiry and for current inventory, photos and quotations.


Mixers PARTS (internal type)

We offer a full range of new rotors, dust stops, door tops, floating weights. All made to original manufacturer’s specifications. WarrantyFast delivery. lowest prices. Save on average 25% over other manufacturers.


We supply new DRILLED and CORED rolls. Fast 12-14 week delivery!
Lowest prices. One year warranty.
We can supply rolls for your mill or calender to your specifications up to 36” x 110”


Steelastic units
Bale cutters
latex dipping lines
mill blenders
lab presses and ovens
Goodman sheet cutter, like new


Arrowhead International, Inc. is a world wide leading supplier of NEW CRACKER MILLS.

Our newest DUAL drive cracker mill is the highest producing mill in the world.

We have incorporated the best technology from over 30 years experience in working with crumb rubber producers like you. We asked manufacturers what they wanted in a mill and we took the best ideas and built them into a cracker mill that is superior in quality, durability and throughput.

Pounds per hour is the name of the game in crumb rubber production. We know this, which is why our mills out produce any other mill in the world.


We offer roller bearings. No more bearing over heating issues on conventional bronze bushings. Roller bearings eliminate the need for gap between the roll and the bearing thus eliminating bearing gap which allows for precise control and display of the roll nip.This means higher production rates and more profits.

The linear gauge between the bearing housings shows you the exact nip between the rolls. The nip is digitally displayed. Controlling the nip accurately increases throughput.

Why guess any longer?

Faster start-up. No more guessing what the nip is and adjusting the screws in and out. Prevents roll damage by alerting the operator if the rolls are in contact with each other.

Our rolls are larger in diameter and width than any other company.
More surface area and higher feet per minute RPM means more throughput!
Larger diameter rolls resists “roll deflection” from the separating forces of the rubber in the nip, which affects the nip. You can hold a more accurate nip across the roll face and this means more throughput.

DUAL DRIVE  (patent pending)
By having one motor for each roll we can vary the friction between them to increase the grinding capability. This means more pounds of crumb per hour and that means money in your pocket! Feed stock varies in the natural rubber content between truck and passenger tires. Variable speed friction ratio let’s you set it at the optimal ratio to maximize grinding. This means more pounds hour throughput per hour and more money in your pocket!

We lock in the feet of the motor, reducer and mill with key stock to prevent vibration loosening of the components. This means the mill keeps it accurate alignment over many years and lasts longer! We provide three piece bases on dual drive mills and two piece base for single drive mills. This means easier handling and easier alignment at installation.

We have the best design for fine grinding rubber. It was gleaned from 30 years in working with crumb producers to see what was the optimum corrugation pattern to produce the maximum volume crumb. 

Our mills have very high horsepower so you won’t stall out. It doesn’t cost you any more to operate since grinding only uses 1/3 to one half the alloted horsepower, but it is available those few times when a little extra HP is needed.

We still make the standard single drive mill. It is the strongest, highest producing singe drive cracker mill in the world.

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